Friday, June 21, 2013

A Day with DaVinci

Reading through the newspaper, I discovered the DaVinci Machines II:  The Australian Exhibit, described as an "Interactive Exhibit for the Whole Family."  Sold!  
In preparation for our visit, I perused the Teacher's Guide online and found a Scavenger Hunt for the squirts to fill out while at the exhibit.  This increased their anticipation resulting in fussing over who was going to be able to hold the clipboard and who was going to hold the pen.  

After it was agreed we'd all take turns, the squirts and I loaded into the van and headed to Downtown St. Louis to explore.  Purchasing our tickets, I realized students and teachers were granted discounts.  Nice!  
We headed for the interactive exhibits located in a subdued candlelit background and began recording our findings.

We then headed for the children's area where we found Mona Lisas galore and were able to create our own unique version.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lisa
Muscles Lisa
Princess Lisa

Besides the Mona Lisa activity, visitors were also able to create a DaVinci parachute and attempt to assemble one of DaVinci's inventions, the Portable Bridge (the bain of my existence).

After many close, but failed attempts at building success, we rolled on the floor laughing deciding it was time to move on and allow someone else to experience our frustration.
Don't miss out on your chance to explore, too.  This exhibit has a limited engagement.

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