Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Learn More about Cookbook Author Nancy Baggett

Describe your first kiss.
Not the least bit romantic, my first kiss was during a spin-the-bottle game when I was in the fifth grade. Neither I nor my "boyfriend" for the party were really the least bit smitten, but went along with our smooch anyway. I can still recall feeling awkward, and bet my guy does, too.
Your favorite children's book, and why . . .  
I love The Lorax. The message is so important and eloquently presently, yet so readily grasped by even young children. The illustrations are also enchanting.  
A cause that's closest to your heart, and why . . .  
Finding a cure for cancer. Too many family members stricken far too young.

If you could be a character in any novel, who would you be?  Nancy Drew.

xplain the worst job that you've held.  
The most tedious data entry job-literally-ever. Every day, all day I copied random series of numbers from one ledger to anoither. No explanation of why was ever given--I only lasted a week  Had to quit to save my sanity.  
A quote that motivates you . .
.You never know what you can do until you try.
The title of the one song you could take with you to that deserted island .
You Were Always On My Mind
Three Wishes
  1.That my grandchildren grow up to live healthy, happy lives.
  2  That world hunger is eradicated..  

3.That humans can learn to live in peace.
Favorite game you played as a child . . .

My cousin and I climbed trees in the woods and pretended to be bears. (It was more fun than it sounds!)

Nancy Baggett

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  1. Hahahah! I always thought the Hardy boys were so cute!